Shepherds cottage on Jenkalm

The nicely preserved and recently renovated cottage is situated on an alpine meadow right at the Slovene-Austrian border surrounded by the majestic Kamnik - Savinja Alps. There is walking road leading to it and it takes about one hour on foot to get to the cottage. You ascend for about 500 altitude meters. The cabin does not have electricity or water (the nearest water spring is only 10 minutes away), but it has a lot of 'history', warmth of wood and charming homely feeling.

You can cook on a wooden stove (that also heats the cabin), gas stove or a delightful fireplace in front of the cottage. During winter the crackling fire provides a romantic atmosphere. The shared beds in the attic can accommodate 8 to 10 people. Ancient furniture, many authentic details and the smell of wood will take you hundreds of years back.

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