Camping on the farm

There is space for 20 tents in the campsite situated on the meadow under the old ash trees with view of the mountains.

On the inner yard we welcome up to 10 campers. Campsite includes facilities such as spring water basin, toilets and hot showers, small kitchen, tables with wooden benches and common campfire place. You can fill up the water tank in your camper, dry your shoes and cool the drinks in the refridgerator.

For those who prefer a bit different experience, we offer sleeping in the hayloft or in dormitory in the barn. Part of the campsite is also roofed area for animation on rainy days.

Many domestic animals can be observed at our homestead – horses, sheep, chicken, ducks, dog and cats. Guided horseback riding around the farm or longer guided riding tours are also available.
If you would like to know more about surrounding mountains, ski mountaineering, hiking expeditions of locals abroad or about local mountain rescue team, we also arrange presentations.

Above all, we try to accommodate your whishes and needs.

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