The renovation of the old house has already been completed

7. July 2019

There are 7 units available in the renovated house, one apartment for 4 persons, one double room with a large double window and a view of the hills, three rooms with an internal balcony and two rooms in the middle part of the house, where for the sake of security only the windows . The special features of the rooms are the old wood lining, which was kept from the roof of the old house, and the cabinets in the bathrooms are made of 350 years old wood, which was used for roofing. In addition to the old wood, we used a new spruce, larch and autumn from our forests. The smell of wood is intertwined with the rich history of stone walls, which are a mute witness of the past. The entire farm is transmitted by special energy, which is felt both by the domestic and by many guests, who, with their stay in Slovenia, reimburse their strengths by the arduous everyday pace of today's life rhythm.

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